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Things to Know When Buying CBD for Dogs

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CBD for dogs is trending a lot lately, cbd for pets became more and more popular due to its benefits for our furry friends.

Some countries no longer hesitate to legalize it. Let’s dive into cbd a little bit.

Cannabis for medical use in humans

Since the beginning of the 20th century, cannabis has been penalized worldwide, with a few exceptions. But today it is coming out of the shadows: beyond its consumption for recreational purposes, which is another debate, medicinal cannabis is being decriminalized in certain European countries, North and South America. The laws are evolving in many countries even if polemics remain.

In the US, the legality of cannabinol is still very vague, due to different laws in different states. As far as Europe is concerned, the different products (leaf, cbd oil, electronic cigarette liquid, pasta, food supplement, etc.) containing CBD are therefore authorized as long as their THC content remains below 0.2%.

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It must be said that science is interested in its medicinal virtues and studies it … as far as possible! Indeed, scientific research remains difficult in many countries because the plant is still illegal and the use of samples must be endorsed by government authorities. An obstacle course for scientists interested in the product. In countries that have legalized it, we study the effect of cannabis in humans on the following pathologies:

Glaucoma: Glaucoma is a major neurodegenerative disease of the eye, due to an increase in intraocular pressure. However, according to the latest studies on this subject, it seems that a treatment with cannabinoids has the capacity to reduce this pressure. Other studies are underway to find out whether the use of the plant can play a neuro-protective role for patients with this disease.

Nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite: Cannabis has emetic effects (anti-emetic) that are currently studied on patients treated with chemotherapy. The lack of appetite, characteristic of chemotherapy, is also treated by the administration of cannabis in an experimental setting.

Pain and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Because it modifies the signals received in the nervous system, cannabis is studied in the treatment of chronic pain. Its compound, CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that can play a beneficial role in inflammatory bowel disease.

Other applications: Studies are currently being conducted on the use of therapeutic cannabis in the case of seizure disorders, anorexia or anxiety disorders.

Finally, it should be mentioned that hemp oil provides a large number of nutrients such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, B, C, E.

Studies conducted on cbd for dogs:

But come to what interests us: Can therapeutic cannabis be beneficial for our dog friends?

Until today, veterinary medicine has conducted three major studies on the use of therapeutic cbd for dogs: on canine glaucoma, on the growth of cells of certain types of cancer (see the report here, in English) , and finally on PEA (an amino acid linked to inflammation and chronic pain).

The conclusions of these studies were positive, both for the reduction of intraocular pressure (in the case of canine glaucoma), and to slow tumor growth in certain types of cancer in dogs (canine osteosarcoma).

In other words, the results are indeed promising in the veterinary field … but scientists are keen to qualify: studies are still too limited to dare to say with certainty that cannabis a miraculous product, as proclaimed loudly and some distributors.

“Quality CBD has no know side effects other than helping our furry friends staying in shape”

In the US, surveys are conducted by veterinary schools with owners who administer therapeutic cannabis to their pets to better understand the effects. In terms of understanding what cannabis can bring to humans or animals, we are still in the infancy …!

But despite this lack of knowledge, many owners care for their suffering animals with cannabis and are satisfied with it. Most of these owners have tried everything to relieve the suffering of their dog, cat or horse arthritic or cancerous.

After administering small doses of cannabis on a regular basis, they claim that this treatment has been beneficial for their pet.

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And this is also the opinion of Dr. Douglas Kramer, a California veterinarian. For the specialist, although it is necessary to continue to study the plant, there is sufficient evidence supporting the use of cannabis in animals suffering from chronic pain or during palliative treatments. So, real effect or placebo? This remains to be demonstrated …

CBD oil for dogs, what about it?

Although it is undeniable that the studies conducted so far are very promising, we can not yet say that CBD oil is the miracle product for our pets. It must be said that the market is booming: with a business that weighs several billion dollars, the new industrial therapeutic cannabis have a bright future ahead.

And with spending on pets that have tripled for twenty years, we can understand that the market for cannabinol for our little protected friends sharpens commercial appetites.

In conclusion, the CBD is “the next big thing,”, the next big business opportunity. It certainly offers great prospects in the field of natural therapies for both humans and dogs. But caution is the mother of safety: let science have the time to pursue its research before giving in to the sirens marketing green gold. We can only say good things about pain relief, many pet owners we know use CBD Nerds products and can vouch about our cbd product being a great help in bringing back their buddies to health.

Do you want to know more ? download here the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) veterinary report about cannabis for animals.

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