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CBD and Fitness – The benefits of CBD and exercise.


CBD and Fitness – let’s break it down for you!

If you are serious about fitness, especially endurance sports, you already know the impact this can have on your body. Pain is an aspect that is essential to assume, but your immune system can also be affected. CBD is there to help you handle pain, muscle growth and regeneration and so on.

Pain management has always been a sensitive subject in the field of sport. The use of “drugs” is debated, whether steroids or opioids. In the United States, these are the first painkillers to be prescribed, and cannabis is no longer considered a doping substance since January 2018.

In Canada, the legislation has changed, making it legal to consume CBD. And this is good news because CBD, one of the active components of cannabis, has many benefits for athletes. CBD Nerds lists a few of them right here.


CBD-and-fitness---benefits-of-CBD-with-exercise---CBD-Nerds-Canada 1WHAT EXACTLY IS CBD?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is an active component of cannabis, just like THC (which gives it its psychoactive properties). This natural chemical compound is known for its powerful effects against pain, but also plays an important role in the treatment of various pathologies.

Extracted from the cannabis plant (and more precisely from these flowers, its seeds and its stem), its therapeutic powers are today recognized scientifically. Unlike THC, it has no psychoactive side effects (such as memory loss, or anxiety attacks).


CBD has many benefits for the body primarily because it interacts with the serotonin receptors that play a crucial role in regulating our mood and our perception of pain. It is therefore above all an excellent natural alternative to analgesics and anti-inflammatories.

But that’s not all, the CBD also has virtues:

  • Cardiac: CBD has a vasorelaxant effect that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (such as ischemia);
  • Anxiolytic: it relieves the parts of the brain that are responsible for stress. It is also an excellent antipsychotic, prescribed to bipolar or schizophrenic people;
  • Anti-oxidant: CBD slows cell aging by inhibiting the action of free radicals. It is also a very good stimulant that actively participates in the regeneration of our cellular system;
  • Anti-emetic: it fights against nausea and regulates our digestive organs. CBD can therefore be taken to prevent motion sickness, or to relieve during pregnancy or cancer treatment;
  • Anti-convulsive; CBD can also treat some forms of epilepsy;
  • Anti-inflammatory: the CBD would even have a more beautiful skin and act against acne. It reduces the production of lipids and therefore against the action of the sebaceous glands;
  • Anti-cancer: it significantly limits the proliferation of cancer cells, including metastases.


CBD-and-fitness---benefits-of-CBD-with-exercise---CBD-Nerds-CanadaAs we have just seen, the main interest that CBD can represent for athletes is to facilitate the management of pain. With minimal side effects, this powerful anti-analgesic and anti-inflammatory is a valuable ally after training. It will indeed reduce muscle spasms and nausea that may appear after having produced intense physical exertion. It’s also a good way to shorten the healing time of an injury.

CBD also has a calming effect. When we do a lot of sports, our body will naturally produce chemicals, including endorphins and anandamide, which are responsible for the feeling of well-being. These receivers will facilitate the link with the CBD and allow it to be even more efficient. It also interacts very well with adenosine, which regulates blood circulation and facilitates cardiovascular function.

Another interesting point for athletes, CBD helps regulate sleep. We know that sleep  is essential to promote the development and muscle recovery. But also to reduce pre-workout stress. People who take CBD for its sedative and relaxing effects thus suffer less insomnia, and benefit from better recovery both physically and mentally.

How to use CBD?

For all these reasons, athletes are currently seeking to integrate the CBD into their current regime. There are several ways to do this, but the most popular is to apply it locally. Indeed, this method has the advantage of not being detected as a drug like THC does, which is illegal for athletes to use and compete. CBD is not a drug, it is a natural supplement and can be used as a pain management alternative like advil or tylenol, without the side effects.

So you can turn to a CBD oil or cream to experience the benefits of cbd and fitness, which is now available at a variety of cbd online stores or cbd dispensary. You can absorb CBD in so many ways. Drop it in a glass of water, rub it on your skin, add it to your favorite food and so on. Alternatively, apply them directly to tired muscles after training to relieve pain.

Stay tuned for more valuable information on how CBD can improve you health and living conditions. Follow us on Instagram for more CBD related content.

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